Part 2 WELCOME TO CAMPUS WORLD When admission had been offered to a student, the school will welcome him together with other new student to the campus environment where learning and other academic activities takes place. They will be welcome through orientation for fresher, matriculation and also through circular message[s] etc... There are other people/society in the campus world who will also welcome you to the campus like the fellowship, friends, club society etc... Coming to campus makes a lot of student happy and feel fulfilled, there are lot of people you will meet and welcome you too. welcome to campus world where you will meet the class companion whether you are a bookworm or the campus party prefect, there will always be those course mates that will advise and try to help you achieve better grades. The class companions are the ones that usually form a study group and invite you to join the group long before exams start. Welcome to campus world where you will meet your campus roommate, your campus roommates will most likely be your best friend. When you have a good news to share, you'll probably think of your roommates first. When you have issues to deal with on campus, your roommate is most likely be the first you share it with. They are the campus friends you can't afford to ignore. Welcome to campus world where you will meet the party friends, If you love to party, you'll definitely have these type of friends. They are the ones you only see every weekend at various parties. You receive their calls only when there's a party to attend somewhere. Welcome to campus world where you will meet the the hall mates, Living in the same hall will also bring you close to at least one or two hallmates. Unlike your roommates, you might not be seeing each other regularly but striking up an intimacy with a hall mate could make you guys become best of friends. Welcome to campus world where you will meet the schooler friend, Every department has these type of students and some course mates like to be around them. They are the campus bookworms and have an almost perfect attendance rate. Welcome to campus world where you will meet the social prefect, This is the friend who gives you the latest gist about events and happenings on campus. You can count on them for any information about the best graduating students in each faculty, upcoming concerts on campus, music, fashion and sport. They know it all. Welcome to campus world where you will meet the politics/activist friend, If you are interested in politics, you'll always find these schoolmates useful. They are those you'll see at the forefront of aluta struggle fighting for other students rights. Their political ambition will bring them close to you and before you know it, you are already a member of their campaign train. Welcome to campus world where you will meet the campus fellowship brethren, these ones helps you grow in Christ, they take care of your spiritual being and life, they also preach the gospel and will enforce you and enjoin you to be like them. Welcome to campus world where you will meet different types of club society like the man 'o' war, boy scouts, boys brigade etc... They will make friends with you and make you part of them. Welcome to campus world where you will also meet the cultist, if you are the types who is always in friend with everyone, no morality, being in midst of people just for gist and useless talk, you may be influenced by this people, but I assure you, if you live a life of a Christian and you stood your ground, they won't even come near you. You are here on campus to be = C - Creative with your talent A - Ambitious over success M - Mind Maturity developed P - Possess your possession in academic sector U - Utilise your purpose on campus S - Successful in life. Know your purpose and why you are here on campus, don't allow people and club society drift your attention away from your goal. WATCHOUT FOR PART 3. Don't forget to share with all students both in secondary school and in higher institutions. GOD BLESS YOU!

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