*RICHIEGISTS❣ QUICK INFO TO ALL FUOYE ASPIRANTS* HOW TO CALCULATE FUOYE ADMISSION SCREENING POINTS BEFORE YOU REGISTER Before registration process its important you know the grade point you would get as Federal university Oye Ekiti Calculates her Grade Point with the following factor O’Level Result The O’Level Result is a very important factor you must not joke with, as its important you know the appropriate subject combination for the course you are putting in for. The Grade points are; A1 = 6 points B2 = 5 points B3 = 4 points C4 = 3 points C5 = 2 points C6 = 1 point These points are applicable to the Subject you are registering for your department You will calculate for five relevant subjects and add up. Number of result use for application Sometimes we have two different result to be use for the registration. This Could be WAEC NECO/GCE etc For; One Sitting you have 10 Points and Two Sittings you have 6 Points Now the last criterial is the UTME For the Point here; you divide your Utme score by 400 , then multiply by 60 See for yourself the grade point; This is the summation of all the point from the 3 factor. i.e O’Level + No sitting + UTME score For Instance Let assume someone scored 200 in Utme , and the person gets 2A's, 2B2's,1C6 The calculation Utme Point (60 x 200) /400 =30%. Now. Let's say the number of sitting is 1 that's 10% O level result 2A, 2B2, 1C6 6+6+5+5+1 =23% 30%+10% +23 =63% for 1 sitting If the no of sitting is 2 that's 6% 30%+6%+23%=59% for 2 sittings I believe you find this information For more information , click here👉 https://wa.me/2347063283752?text=Hello%20Richiegists!!My%20name%20is *I am DIAMOND_RICHIEGISTS PRO1* 08073130524 *We Update Students & Aspirants with vital Information.* Get latest update inside and outside campus, give_away and lots more on your whatsapp status.Quickly click👉https://wa.me/2347063283752?text=Hello%20Richiegists!!My%20name%20is and drop your name after saving our number CONTACT RICHIEGISTS ❣️ CEO:RICHIE On☎ 07063283752 RICHIEGIST_PRESIDENT: COMRADE.BABS☎09035666907 RICHIEGISTS PRO II: COMRADE.Tomiwa☎08164902875 *SHARE TO OTHERS* GOD BLESS🙏 *#TEAM_RICHIEGISTs❣ cares✍✍*

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