*Some Dangerous mistakes freshers make in 100 level Including some STAYLITEs Too* (A MUST READ..)

*Some Dangerous mistakes freshers make in 100 level Including some STAYLITEs Too*

Hi guys. Welcome to RICHIEGISTS latest school news update.

I happened to have been focusing more on jambites lately which is not too cool on my part.

It’s good to advise jambites on the right way to go about their academics but leaving the freshers to cope on their own won’t go down well.

The jambites will definitely become freshers one day.
That being said, I’ve decided to start doing more to address freshers.

I’m writing this article to expose freshers to some of the mistakes freshers make in 100 level.

I’ll advise you to read along carefully.

Everything you are experiencing today, someone has gone through it. From the few experiences I've gathered, I've decided to share this article.

*Top mistakes made by freshers in 100 level And some STAYLITEs Too*

1. Let me settle first
Students who went extra miles to read their books all to gain admission suddenly lose their zeal and motivation after being admitted all in the name of “I want to get used to the environment”
Do you know that the environment doesn’t even want to get used to you?
Semesters in Nigeria are shorter than Kevin Hart and I expect you should start preparing from the onset.

2. Not starting to read early
Just like I mentioned in the first mistake, all in the name of settling; freshers forget to do the primary thing they need to be successful in their academics. Which is read, read and read.
Just in case you don’t know, the more you read, the more you know.

3. Get carried away by school activities
Life in the university is a different ball game from that of a secondary school.
In terms of distraction, they can give you a whole lot back to back.
You’ll come across events like orientation party, freshers welcome party, freshers night party etc.
If it’s not inline with your various course outline, then they are secondary things.
I’ve not said it’s not good to party as a fresher, but don’t get carried away by it.

4. Getting into your first relationship
It’s no news that first relationships don’t always lead to marriage.
If you happen to love and admire the person, your first break up will be on the list of the worst moments of your life.
Getting into the relationship is not the issue here. If it’s with someone serious with his/her academics, this is one of the best things that will happen to you as a fresher.
However, if something eventually goes wrong, which is almost inevitable and you are not able to handle your emotions, which is likely the case, your academics will crumble.
So, avoid anything relationship at first and focus on your academics.

5. Staying off-campus as a fresher
There are numerous places to stay as a fresher.
One of them happens to be off-campus. Just like all other mistakes mentioned earlier, if handled properly; you will excel against all odds.
Staying off-campus as a fresher especially when the hostel is a very social and lively one will do you more harm than good.

You get to learn and do things you’ve never done in your life.
Mixing that with your academics will give your academics no chance at all.

The aim of this article is to expose you to the mistakes freshers often make.
However, If at all you must make this mistake; I’ll rather you make these mistakes early on and overcome it rather than make them in your penultimate or final year where you won’t have another year for redemption.
Digest all you just read, use it as a guide but above all, follow what works for you.
This is as much as we can take on the topic “5 deadly mistakes freshers must avoid in 100level”

Know what kinda roomie u're dealing with
You might have to deal with a whole lot of problems if you're not careful of who you live with.
Know what reading time suits you.
If u're not the nocturnal type, don't force yourself to be one.
Forget the hyping they get when they say they want to read overnight, if it's not ur thing, biko sleep well at night and read when you feel comfortable.
Attend classes, read and rest well biko. Don't stab classes

Attend classes, be attentive and read.No course is hard and as well no course is simple. The decision is yours, whether to make it easy or hard,through the level of your reading. Also,prayer is never out of point.

Read instructions well during test and exam. Also know how to answer questions properly. Know which lecturer aspect when it comes to answering questions, some of them don't like long answers while reverse is the case for other lecturers.Lol read but read appropriately, don't belittle any course, stop competing with your course mate because you'll be limited to that person's ability.
Attend classes, don't ever feel you'll make up for any class, eat well and sleep well, don't overstress yourself.

The fact is that,Do not compare yourself to others, know your reading styles and abilities. Read,when you should and don't mind the ironic- meaning slangs like:" Shana!, Iwe Ogba Femi etc
Read in such a way that you won't need to depend on others in the exam Hall.Do the needful and rely on God.Make good use of your freedom and time,relate well with your senior ones and consult them  on what you don't understand.
Make sure you don't take things too serious and socialize with others..
Organize group discussions among coursemates and don't be too big to ask from them,what you don't understand.Involve in extra-curricular activities ( not to the extreme)
Attend all classes,you don't need to know whether the lecturer would attend or not,never stab classes.
Balance your life,your spiritual life, Social life,Academics.. don't let one affect the other.
Listen attentively in lecture rooms
Do not compromise your standards,no matter the pressure and walk with good friends that help you improve..
The last,but not the least is that,you should take God seriously,you see,you would meet people who will tell you that, the main reason you are in school is mainly academics,of course, it's true! But Remember the Lord in all you do,The main reason for your existence is God Himself,Pray harder, attend fellowships,programmes,concerts ,etc,they will help you grow spiritually,but make sure you balance things.. Develop yourself and add skills!! Have good mentors..Pray as if you've never read, and read as if you've never prayed.
May the Almighty guide us right.
Take care of yourself..

If you found this article interesting, kindly use the comment box to air your view. However, if there is anything you find incorrect, kindly drop it also. Also, share to freshers And STAYLITEs so that they can avoid these mistakes.

Remember, no knowledge is wasted. Have a nice day.
*THANKS ND Richie_cares💞*

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