10 Things You Should Never Rush In Life, No Matter The Pressure.

10 Things You Should Never Rush In Life, No Matter The Pressure.

There are some things you should never rush into in life.....no matter the pressure. Some of the things you should never rush into in life are more like commitments, but most people mistake them for achievements.

Therefore, rushing into them without proper preparations and planning, could lead you to a doom. One thing i have noticed about some people is that they tend to live their lives as though they are in competition with others.

Whatever their mates, or somebody they know does, they also want to do the same thing. Just because somebody they know moved to the next stage of life; they also want to be there without realizing that grace is different.

This kind of behavior has sent so many people back to the village because they were not wise enough to live life in their own terms, and according to their income.

It is because of this reason i have decided to write about this very topic, as demanded by you guys......if you must know, i always write my article based on the demands of my followers. So, Below are ten things you should never rush into in life, no matter the pressure.

1] Owning a Car.

Yes, owning a car is a very good thing and it makes you feel good. It enables you to reach your destination on time. You can get to role out with some beautiful women too if your car is flashy enough. But are you sure you are ready for that. Owning a car which does not bring in money at the end of the day is not an achievement. Because you will have to fuel the car and do some minor repairs when it breaks down. At the end of the day, you will end up spending more money on the car, which makes it a liability. Instead of buying a car why not invest the money?

2] Making Your Relationship Public.

One of the things most people do when they are so much in love is that they flaunt the pictures of their spouse online. They make their relationships public; not minding what the nearest future may hold for them. Making your relationship public simply means that you have committed yourself into that relationship. Are you sure you are ready to stay committed? I leave you to figure that out.

3] Fornication

I know that almost everybody reading this article right now is guilty of this very one. It doesn't matter if everybody is doing it; or have done it. That does not make it right. Fornication is not right in the sight of God. Besides, why rush into something that you will be tired of when you finally get married? Apart from that, it could lead to unwanted pregnancy and illegitimacy......and you will end up committed to that child. All your dreams and aspiration may never be achieved. Are you sure you are ready for this?

4] Marriage

Marriage is one thing most people always rush into and mistake it for an achievement. Personally, i see marriage as more of a commitment than an achievement. Look at it from this angle; the moment you are married, you are now committed to your spouse, and your family. You cannot keep unnecessary late nights without being questioned after you returned. You cannot make some certain decisions without consulting your significant other. So before thinking of jumping into any form of commitment at an early age, be sure that you are willing to be committed.

5] Choice Of Career

Most people rush into careers that they know nothing about simply because their best friends are going into such. Don't end up your life doing what you are not good at simply because you want to be where your friends are. Try to have a quiet time with yourself and know what works for you. Don't waste years of your life doing nothing, while your friends are setting their own paths right. Be sure of what you are going into before committing your time into it.

6] Kids

This is another form of commitment......and i can say it's an achievement too. But you can only enjoy the benefits of this one if you have succeeded in raising your children to become responsible people. Don't go and bear children simply because your neighbor's wife just put to bed. You must understand that kids can come in between you and your jobs too. So, before thinking of having children, you must be very sure that you are ready to be a committed parents else, you may rush out.

7] Financial Investment

One thing you don't want to rush into is an investment. Most people make this very mistake. They tend to jump into business they know nothing about, simply because their friends or neighbors are doing well in it. What works for A, may not work for B. You have to understand that before you venture into any form of business, you must love and have passion for what it is you wanna sell. If not, you may find yourself rushing out.

8] Ending A Relationship

You don't have to end your relationship simply because your expectations are not met. It rains everywhere my dear. You need to consider the number of years you have invested in that relationship before rushing out of it....these things backfires sometimes. You have to calm down, take a deep breathe and think about the decision you are about to take before taking it. Unless you want to be committed to begging your ex afterwards.

9] Signing Of Legal Documents

No matter how hard you are being pressured to sign a legal document, don't you ever do that without reading, and understanding the content of what you want to sign. If you do not understand the content, get a legal practitioner to read it out loud for you and explain it in details before signing it. Do not be rushed to sign any deal, else, you may regret your decision.

10] Choosing Friends

Most people always make the mistake of calling people who are supposed to be just colleagues, friends. They fail to realize that it was the job that brought them together. This is one of the reasons such people always feel heartbroken when their so called friends betrays them.

You don't have to rush into trusting a total stranger because work brought you both together. Sometimes you just have to greet some people and go your own way. A friend is very rare to see......in your entire lifetime, if you are lucky enough to have just two loyal friends, you are blessed. Some persons don't even have any friends till they die.

I hope you are able to learn something new today? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. If there is any topic you want me to write about, let me know in the comment section too. Feel very free to like and share this article for your friends to read too.......One Love


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