List of Some Nigerian courses and their job Opportunities; Every course of Study has it potentials

List of Some Nigerian courses and their job Opportunities; Every course of Study has it potentials 1. MEDICINE; Once they graduate, they get job immediately and their salary is very huge. A young doctor earns 250k and above per month, depends 2. LAW; this is a lucrative profession. Lawyers earn nothing less than 250k per month and they handle cases, so the society respect them. Apart from their monthly salaries, lawyers also get a lot of money from their clients. 3. PHARMACY; professionals in this field find it difficult to get government jobs but there is money in drugs. If you can open your own pharmacy, you will make it and become very wealthy. Some pharmacists still get employment in hospitals and companies. 4. NURSING; this is another lucrative profession. their money is not too high like that of doctors but they get jobs immediately they graduate. You can't study nursing and be jobless after school. 5. ENGINEERING; this is another lucrative profession. Petroleum engineers earn big salaries. they are even richer than doctors because there is enough money in oil. 6. MEDLAB; they work in hospitals 7. ACCOUNTING; They work in banks and their salary is very big 8. EDUCATION; this profession is lucrative and there are jobs for them. they can teach in primary and secondary schools. They can also further to PhD and be a lecturer if they have connection. 9. Zoology; The job opportunity is somehow. But they can work in zoo as they'll tend to check up on animals there to detect and explain how they can be dealth with. They also work as an animal discoverer just like 'nat geo wild' on DSTV and GOTV 10. Botany; They deals with Ornaments and planting of beautiful flowers for sales. Successful ones are financially okay 11. BANKING AND FINANCE; They work in banks 12. HISTORY; They work in Museums, Archives, civil servants, and as a teacher. 13. EARLY CHILDHOOD; they cand do better as a counselor and a teacher 14. Political science; I don't need to deliberate on this one ..they are the decision and money makers. They work in government sectors. 15. CHEMISTRY; they can sell drug just like a pharmacist and they can also work as a teacher. Do not be discouraged by whatever you are studying in school. Believe me every course has it potentials. Someone that studies history should see someone studying medicines as a better person. Besides it's people that pays their salary when they consult them for health issues. Kindly drop your comment

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