Not Money:5 things that make a girl love a guy, practice few,and see result

A relationship is a close connection between two people, especially one involving romantic feelings. Talk about relationships, in terms of unmarried individuals, it's something that involves a guy and a girl most times. And as a guy, it's very important to understand things that are associated with girls' feelings in a relationship. Things that really generate girls love. Having a good relationship with a girl requires knowing her natural needs. What girls need in a relationship depends on certain factors, but the following are general needs of almost every girl, guys should take note; because not everything we must settle or bypass with money. Real love originates from these five things below. (1). Affection (2). Admiration (3). Addiction (4). Attraction (5). Attention 1. Affection: girls want affection. They want to know that they are loved and valued in their relationships with guys. You may hold a girl by hand as you walk together. Help her in household chores once in a while. Be kind and affectionate in your words - girls are moved by what they hear. You should be lovely in words and in deeds. 2. Admiration: girls want guys to admire them. They know this admiration when guys are fond of them. Do not compare her with her friends; rate her well as being loveable. Respect her and her feelings. 3. Addiction: As a guy, if you are truly in love with a girl, you will be addicted to her. It will be difficult to separate from her because she is interesting, caring, loving, and well-behaved. Addiction is cleaving to a girl irrespective of the differences and weaknesses. 4. Attraction: naturally guys are able to create deep impressions on girls' hearts by virtue of emotional and physical attraction; girls want their guys to be attractive always. They want their emotions to be lively. And the reason is, there is something in every guy that attracts a girl. It could be in terms of character, humor, appearance, or some other things. You should make yourself attractive. Be a person that your girl would love to be with and be proud of. 5. Attention: The desire for privacy is in every girl. Spend time with your beloved girl. Listen attentively to her. It is wrong to throw off girls' opinions and regard it as insignificant. At times consider her ideas. Girls want guys to be available wherever and whenever they want them to be with them, maybe while cooking, shopping, or while having a moment of relaxation. Every reasonable girl wants a guy who will contribute positively to her life. Girls do not like guys whose intent is to take advantage of them for selfish reasons. They want love in a relationship that will help them to improve in every area of their life, as well as their goal. So learn to observe the five things mentioned above in a relationship, and happiness will continue to be in the relationship because happiness, it's not an illusion. You might not be good at all the aspects but just try the ones you can, and you will see the love in return. Please, share, follow, and click on the like, for more updates, thanks.

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