Update On School Resumption: Schools must take note of these few points if FG reopens schools

Following the outbreak of the Pandemic COVID-19, many businesses, industries, factories, churches and schools has been affected, they have all seen their plans for the future fail, but there is hope. However, many news of school resumption has been trending on various social media platforms, and even between humans in their various communities and areas. Many students, intact all students especially those in the higher institutions (Universities) are tired of staying at home, some students have fears of repeating the same class they were at,before the pandemic break. The federal government are really trying their best to get things back to normal and resume schools and businesses, etc. Nevertheless, school owners are to take note of these few points below; 1. Do not let any student into the school Compound or classroom, if he or she fails to sanitize his or her hands properly. 2. You must not let any student get into the school Compound without his or her facemask. This is very important. 3. Teachers also must sanitize their hands and put on their facemask before entering into the school or classroom to teach. Those are the vital points all school owners must take note, in order to eradicate and prevent the virus from spreading. Kindly drop your comment and views on the reopening of school Thanks

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